My name is Gerald Frye. I’m a graphical designer and a dedicated gamer.

Apex Legends is definitely a game of the year for me and a leading game in the popular genre of battle-royale. That’s why I’ve dedicated a whole website to the game: on this website, you will find everything about the game Apex Legends, including tips and guides, review of new add-ons, and a personalized Apex Legends merch.

Everything is perfect about Apex Legends. The game was launched by Respawn as another part of their Titanfall series extended into the battle royale-genre at the beginning of the February 2019. As a keen fan of this fresh and new genre, by the date of its launch I’ve come to play every game there is, from everybody’s favourite Fortnite (great, but the characters are not developed enough for my taste) to Black Ops 4 (not so bad) and Realm Royale (lots of fun and occasional bugs), and was prepared for it. And I wasn’t disappointed!

I have to warn you that this is a fan site, so be ready for Apex Legends info overdose. You will get info about game uploads and new items, read the news on the game development, as well as my reviews of its new features. Probably the most valuable info for you will be my Apex Legends guides, tips and hacks regarding gameplay, controls, characters and more. I will also try to keep you noticed on the most useful purchases you can make, as well as on how to handle your game without spending money at all.

And don’t forget to attend the merch section of the site where you’ll find cool Apex Legends themed items designed exclusively by me. Attention! For true fans only!

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