APEX Legends Trackers EA with Respawn Entertainment launched a stat tracker called ApexTab, which is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox platforms. But this is not a complete list of services where statistics can be tracked. Here the full list of Apex Legends Stat Tracking and Leaderboards services you should try.  1. Official APEX Legends Tracker - apextab.com. Service allows you to track statistics of the player. Learn Top 100 players by Total Kills on PC, Xbox, PS4. It is possible to sort the top by damage caused, number of kills, number of headshots, by legends, etc. 2. Apex Legends Tracker Network - apex.tracker.gg. By the standard functionality, which is on the official site, contains more information. Apex Legends leaderboard contains stat on additional parameters: Kills per Match, Kills as kill leader, Winning kills, full squad wins, times top 3, etc. Also, leaderboard contains links to Twitch player channels, information about the latest matches, weapons stat.  3. Apex Legends stat at REZ - rez.gg/apex/. Compared to other trackers, it has reduced data.  4. Apex Legends Tracker at DreamTeam - dreamteam.gg/apex. Standard functionality. Have their own metrics DreamTeam Rank (calculated by Kill: Matches, Death: Matches or both). Have you downloaded Apex Legends yet? All links on our download page.  Continue Reading How to Get Apex Legends on PC If you are having trouble downloading and installing Apex Legends on your PC,  I suggest you acquaint oneself with the step-by-step installation tutorial for Apex from Origin platform. All the necessary links to the Apex Launcher App are available on the download page. Continue Reading Apex Legends Android, iOS Versions When Can we download Apex Legends Apk for Android? - not yet. I've gathered all the interesting rumors about the future of Apex Legends release. Considering the undoubted success of the game and the fact that its competitors Fortnite and PUBG Mobile are available for Android and iOS, the launch of Apex Legends mobile version is more a fact than a rumor.  Information from CEO Andrew Wilson: "As I said earlier, we are looking at how to take the game to mobile and cross-play over time, and I also expect that this game will have tremendous value in Asia, and we’re in conversations about that.” Apex Legends for Android may come to your smartphone in November or not. The exact launch date is not yet known,  but Apex Legends for smartphones is expected to break all records very soon after it's launched. Don't try to download Apk Launcher, or Pre-Register Apex Legends, this may be a hoax. Continue Reading Apex Legends on Steam: Yes or No Can I play Apex Legends on Steam? If you're looking for an Apex Legends Steam client you're out of luck. Apex Legends wasn't released on Steam for PC at the discretion of management. EA has exclusive rights to the game, which is why it is promoted on its own service - Origin. For now, playing Apex Legends on Steam is not possible.  We collect for you all official resources for whom the game is available. Continue Reading How to become an Apex Legends Pro: Sources you should read If you want to become Apex Legends Pro, you need to be constantly informed about the latest news, new items, balancing and game mechanic changes. I've collected the coolest sources for you to develop your skills in Apex Legend.  Apex Legends social media channels and fun sites: Apex Legends Twitter Channel  Apex Legends Reddit Channel Apex Legends Discord Channel Apex Legends Youtube Channel Apex Legends Twitch Channel Apex Legends Instagram Channel Apex Legends - Electronic Arts Official Site Apex Legends Funny Moments Channel - for fun  Apex Legends Tracker (Apex Legends Stats) Apex Legends leaderboards If you know any other cool sources of the game, be sure to write to me. We will supplement this list together.  Continue Reading Apex Legends Weapon Stat Chart After launching Apex Legends, I had my first problem - the weapon. Namely, a great variety of weapons with different indicators. That's why I started surfing on Reddit and found the Weapon Stat Charts, which I want to share. And now: a little statistics. Apex Legends Weapon stats from ThrillGame is the best as far as I'm concerned.  Apex Legends Ultimate Weapon Stat Chart Apex Legends Detailed Weapon Stat Chart General advice on how to choose a gun. The main parameters to be paid attention to: Damage Speed of fire Recharging time Mag size Dispense and control of spray Distance If you shoot well and can shoot enemies' heads at long range, it is better to take a weapon like a sniper rifle. There's a small mag size and a long reload time, but the damage to the head is high.  If you don't shoot very well and usually kill the enemy at close range with 20 bullets in the chest, then you should choose a weapon with a large magazine size and fast reload time. Hope that Apex Legends weapon stats will be usefull for you! Continue Reading
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