APEX Legends Trackers

EA with Respawn Entertainment launched a stat tracker called ApexTab, which is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox platforms. But this is not a complete list of services where statistics can be tracked. Here the full list of Apex Legends Stat Tracking and Leaderboards services you should try. 

1. Official APEX Legends Tracker - apextab.com. Service allows you to track statistics of the player. Learn Top 100 players by Total Kills on PC, Xbox, PS4. It is possible to sort the top by damage caused, number of kills, number of headshots, by legends, etc.

2. Apex Legends Tracker Network - apex.tracker.gg. By the standard functionality, which is on the official site, contains more information. Apex Legends leaderboard contains stat on additional parameters: Kills per Match, Kills as kill leader, Winning kills, full squad wins, times top 3, etc. Also, leaderboard contains links to Twitch player channels, information about the latest matches, weapons stat. 

3. Apex Legends stat at REZ - rez.gg/apex/. Compared to other trackers, it has reduced data. 

4. Apex Legends Tracker at DreamTeam - dreamteam.gg/apex. Standard functionality. Have their own metrics DreamTeam Rank (calculated by Kill: Matches, Death: Matches or both).

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