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Perhaps, not everyone is a fan of Apex Legends gameplay — it’s hard to believe it though. However, everyone would agree that it’s the most beautiful and visually coherent battle-royale game at this moment. As a designer, I was stunned when I entered the game for the first time. So much work has been put into reviving the beautiful Titanfall universe (and Apex Legends are said to get additional maps and geography extensions soon) that you can’t help appreciating the landscape, as well as the characters’ micromovements.

I make prints for literally anything: from stickers to magnets to notebooks to posters to t-shirts and so forth. At the moment I have a few designs I made myself, and you are free to choose from them, but I also would like you to share your ideas and will try my best to make your prints unique and fitting the game stylistics. I make prints in TIFF and EPS formats, the choice depends on the size and type of the texture you’re going to print them on. My demo files will be sent to your email in PNG format so that it would be easier for you to evaluate them. If the prints suit you right, I will resend them in printing formats, and all you will have to do is to resend the files to your local typography.

Here’s the list of everything I currently make prints for:

Apex Legends Stickers Apex notebook Apex Custom Design Tsirts

Stickers, Magnets, Keychains

Size - 2x3.5 - 3x3.8 in

Pack - 3 items

Formats:  TIFF,  EPS, PNG

Unique Design

Notebooks, Copy-books, Posters

Size - 4.3x5.5 - 6.6x8.5 in

Pack - 3 items

Formats:  TIFF,  EPS, PNG

Unique Design


Size - 4.3x5.5 in

1 item

Formats:  TIFF,  EPS, PNG

Unique Design




  • You can always get a special pack of sticker/magnet/keychains & notebook/copy-book & t-shirt/poster prints (one item of your choice from every group) for $40. You will also get a piece of advice on Apex Legends gameplay exclusively from me, as well as the chance to get on my team during the next round.

  • As for the mugs, I haven’t tried out the formats that suit them well, but I will upload the info on this page as soon as I make my first mug printing tests.

If you admire the game as much as I do, you will most likely want to keep something to remember this fascinating world in your day-to-day life. After a week of playing Apex Legends, I’ve decided to design a sticker pack and shared a couple of stickers with my friends. Soon their friends started to ask me where can they buy stuff like that too and whether I make prints for mugs and sweatshirts. All those questions made me think about a perfect combination of my design skills and my favorite hobby. After a few days, I’ve made my first commercial order for someone I hardly new and decided to share my works with the rest of us. And by ‘us’ I mean all converted Apex Legends.

Here’s how my prints look:

Apex Legends merch

If you’re interested in my offer, please feel free to contact me anytime you’re not in the game!

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